Top 3 Places to Host an Engagement Party

Wedding Planning

Location, Location, Location! Yes, it’s all about finding the perfect location!

I’m sure you are so excited about your recent engagement and definitely want to celebrate with your closest family and friends.  But I’m sure you are asking yourself right now, “where should I have the engagement party?” You most-likely have plenty of options, just like with a wedding.  Are you unsure of where you would like to host the engagement party?  Or are you overwhelmed? You can always contact a wedding or event planner, they are always happy to help.

If you are not able to contact a wedding or event planner, here is some advice and ideas to help.

Before settling on a location, take into consideration the type of vibe you have in mind for your event. Do you want a low-key atmosphere where guests can mingle with a drink in hand, a backyard or party boat would be fun; if you are looking for something more formal then a country club or venue either in-door or outdoors would be nice.  The good thing is that the engagement party does not have to match the wedding, so you could go casual for the party and formal for the wedding. Here are some possibilities:

A Favorite Restaurant

A few tables could be reserved in the main dining space or reserve a private room (if available).  This is always a favorite since you already know the restaurant, the menu, the atmosphere, and the decor. Bonus, if you know the chef or owner, they may possibly let you customize the menu with some off -the -menu favorites or add special items to a limited menu.

Suviche Restaurant

A Private Home

A private home is definitely the most popular option today.  Sometimes it’s the Bride’s Parents home – that is the most traditional – but often there are other people that are close to the couple that will offer up their home.  Of course, throwing the party at your place is certainly doable too, just remember you will be playing hostess all night! So, it’s best to have the party at someone else’s house so that you and your fiancé  have the opportunity to chat and show off that gorgeous ring.

The Beach

If you and your fiancé love to spend time at the beach and think throwing some blankets down on the sand with drinks in a cooler is a good idea,  well think again.  Take into consideration your older guests comfort.  Having the party beachside at a restaurant would be a better option since you don’t have to deal with noise, wind, sand, and waves. It will be much easier for everyone – including you!




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