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It’s amazing how difficult it can be to find that perfect pair of wedding shoes to carry you down the aisle and dance the night away. There are hundreds of white and ivory-satin heels and flats to go through and it might seem like a good idea to just pick a pair without giving it a lot of thought. After all, no one will see the shoes under the long dress, will they?

Choosing a Comfortable Shoe

Picking your perfect pair of wedding shoes should go beyond just matching them to your dress.  You have to consider your venue, is it outdoors with uneven terrain or is it indoors? Also, you want to consider what you are going to be doing in your shoes.  Will you be walking or standing for long periods of time?  Will you be dancing for hours?  To help you through the process of choosing the right pair of wedding shoes, we have put together a few things to keep in mind.  Hope this helps!

You’re the Bride so you will most-likely be on your feet most of the day so you want to make sure your feet are up for a challenge. Be sure to pick a shoe that is comfortable.  Find a pair that can withstand a long day on your feet, walking, greeting guests, and dancing!  If you are not used to walking in heels, your wedding day is not the day to choose to start.  We love these Bella Belle Cinderella Flats that are designed for comfort and long days on your feet. Happy Feet = Happy Bride!


Going With A Smaller Heel

If you dream of wearing a heel for your special day, then we recommend going with a smaller heel.  A smaller heel is smart and practical and allows you to still look fabulous.  We recommend the 2-1/2″ heels by Kate Spade. There are plenty of other fabulous finds out there too.

A Pair to Change Into

Of course, there is no reason to wear your wedding shoes all day and walking around barefoot is not an option.  It’s not practical to wear heels all day so while you are getting make-up and hair done or at the end of the evening you could wear a cute pair of sandals or slippers.

Don’t Forget to Break In Your Shoes

Like any other shoe in your collection, your wedding shoe should be worn before the Big Day! We know the thought of getting a spot on their beautiful white satin might seem like a nightmare, you’ll regret keeping them in their box until the minute before standing at the altar. Trust us! We have seen a thing or two!

Now, you don’t have to wear them on every outing before the wedding, but it won’t hurt to slip them on every so often. One of the best ways to break in your shoes without damaging them is to wear them in the house or at the office. Walking in your wedding shoes for these short spurts of time will help them become bearable when it’s time to show them off.

Wear Them Again

Yes, not matching your dress is a huge mistake to avoid when picking out your wedding shoes, but it would also be a travesty never to wear those shoes again. When picking out your wedding shoes, you should consider if and when you’d ever wear them again. While the traditional white satin wedding shoe may not work in the office, you could find a nude color, something blue, or match a color in your wedding color palette.

And wedding shoes don’t always have to be white or even ivory. More and more brides are opting to wear more colorful, unique shoes that will fit their style way beyond their wedding day.

Customize Your Wedding Shoes

By the Way, Jimmy Choo has a made-to-order menu that gives you the chance to customize your wedding day shoes in terms of colour, fabric, and texture.

What makes these shoes extra special is that you can decorate the sole of each shoe in a classy, subtle way with monogram brass initials or a date plaque.  The perfect keep-sake if you ask us!

Happy Shopping! Happy Planning!

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