Tips for Pulling Off a Holiday Proposal



Proposal during the holidays

Drum roll! It’s officially the holiday season!  You may be considering a holiday proposal and if so, I am here to give you a few tips.

First off, you should know your partner’s personality and really consider their personality when planning a proposal.  I know you’re probably thinking this should be a no brainer.  But, let me tell you that you will get wrapped up in the proposal itself and completely forget who you’re dealing with and the fact that your partner has never been one for public affection. Or worse, your partner feels totally pressured and doesn’t feel comfortable saying yes! My tip is if the proposal doesn’t go as planned, at least the holiday can be an opportune time to erase the memory and the opportunity to celebrate something fun instead. But I hope, by now, you and your partner have already had that “check-in” about a future together. If not, definitely have it!  Now, if your partner is up for public engagement, than a proposal on Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve would be the perfect way to share the new in the company of friends and family.

Know your partner

Know Your Partner

Secondly, I really hope you have assessed the situation before you purchased a ring?  Of course, I’m not telling you to blurt it out and directly ask your partner. You can sneakily bring it up in the context in other people. For example, you can gauge your partner’s thoughts by mentioning someone else who got engaged recently during Thanksgiving or during the Holidays. A great question to ask, “What do you think about Jennifer getting engaged on Christmas?” Or, consider asking family or loved ones.  It’s definitely important to run the proposal by family, especially, if you are planning on proposing during a visit.  Plus, you will want to make sure the family is ok with sharing the holiday with your special moment.

You should be prepared to find another day to propose if there is a family members birthday on the holiday. It’s bad enough that family member has had to share their birth day with Christmas for her whole life — to have to share in the excitement of your proposal might stir up harsh feelings. So, imagine that family members state of mind if they feel they are being shafted out of presents, dividing their thunder into thirds with an event that will trump everything else! Not so nice, right?!

With This Ring

Will you say yes?

If your significant  other is not one for PDA and your heart is set on proposing during the Holidays, then compromise. Haha! A word that will definitely come in handy during your entire marriage by the way. You can still propose during the Holiday’s but just don’t do it in front of a crowd. For instance, you can still make the proposal special by planning a private moment at a New Year’s Eve party by having a special room decorated for the two of you, take a walk to a nearby park, or go for a walk – do what ever it takes to be alone to pop the magic question.

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