Five Tips for Picking Wedding Jewelry

Wedding Planning

1. Don’t overdo your jewelry.

When picking out your wedding jewelry: Don’t go overboard. No matter how tempting it is to load up on diamonds and other precious gems, you don’t want to risk letting your accessories outshine you or your gown. Remember “less is more” as your mantra and stick with a few key pieces rather than accessorizing every part of your body.

2. Match your metals to your dress.

Can’t decide between silver, gold or rose gold jewelry? Let the color of your dress and wedding colors guide your choice.

If your dress is white: Then, it looks prettiest with platinum or silver pieces.

If your dress is ivory: Gold or rose gold jewelry will best enhance this creamy shade.

If your dress is champagne: Gold or rose gold jewelry will complement the warm tones in this very light beige color. If you’re putting together an antique-inspired look, burnished silver with rhinestones also works well.

If your dress is blush: Try gold or rose gold jewelry. The pink cast in the metal will coordinate with the soft pink of the dress.

If your dress is blue: Try gold or silver jewelry. Either metal will look pretty with your dress.

3. Consider your dress’s neckline.

Your dress’s neckline will play a role in framing your face. Be sure to select jewelry that pairs perfectly with the neckline style.

If your dress has a sweetheart or strapless neckline: A choker or shorter necklace would create height and direct all eyes to your gorgeous smile. This style is also making a comeback and looks timeless with this neckline. Another option is to skip a necklace and wear statement chandelier earrings instead. This look looks great when hair is pulled away from the face.  Also, you can use ’20s-inspired feather barrettes or another simple embellishment that works with your look. Your neckline will be the focal point, you’ll want your standout pieces there, but don’t hesitate to add a smaller bracelet, bangle or cocktail ring to balance everything out.

If your dress has a V-neck: This style is perfect for neckline decoration. I suggest a choker or pendant, or try layering both if they’re delicate pieces. Pair the necklace with earrings, which could be small or dangling—whichever looks best with your hairstyle.

If your dress has a halter or reverse halter: Focus on accessorizing your hair by using decorative pins, combs or vines. These pieces can be sleek, bejeweled or floral, depending on the effect you want. Going for a retro vibe? Try a gorgeous embellished birdcage veil. If you need a little extra something, wear a bracelet or cocktail ring.

4. Don’t Get Discouraged.

Find one piece you absolutely love and want to invest in, and wear that!  Still in doubt? Simple pearl or diamond studs (costume or otherwise) are always classic. Just be sure you don’t buy them as part of a set. You don’t want to look to matchy-matchy.

5. Be yourself.

The MOST IMPORTANT ADVICE: BE YOURSELF! The thing about picking the perfect pieces for your wedding dress is they should be a reflection of you. If you’re not comfortable wearing big chandelier earrings, then wear studs. You love the way you look in a lariat necklace? Go for it! The best accessory is your confidence, so be sure to wear what makes you feel HAPPY and Confident!

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