Our Top Five Tips For Save-The-Dates

Save-The-Dates / Invitations

For guests and engaged couples, a save-the-date is the first time the information, the date, and the place will be revealed.                                        It’s a sign to everyone they can start making plans to attend, booking hotels, and figure out vacation plans. Along with sharing need-to-know details, it’s a the easiest way to get guests to mark their calendars and get people excited.

Here are some tips to help you spread the wonderful news!

To send or Not to Send?

Wondering if you should send a save-the-date?  It is a really good idea to send one if you are planning a destination wedding, Summer wedding, or a wedding that falls on a three day weekend (Holiday weekend). Part of what makes weddings so special is celebrating with your friends and family.  Scheduling conflicts will occur, but if you send save-the-dates in a decent amount of time, then more will attend, and a merrier wedding it will be!

Big Question, When Do You Send?

We recommend to send save-the-dates four to six months before your wedding, if you’re doing a wedding far away from majority of your guests. Any longer, and your date won’t be priority and be inadvertently forgotten when a conflict does arise. But, if you’re having a small wedding and most attendees are local, mailing invites six to eight weeks ahead offers enough notice and chances are you don’t need a save-the-date at all. For a destination affair, send one at least six months before the bash so guests aren’t scrambling to make arrangements.  Of course, if you’re getting married outside of the country, giving your guests as much time as possible is helpful.

What Information Is Needed?

Just make sure guests are aware of when and where the nuptials are taking place. Your save-the-date should include your first names, the date, the venue, and its location (city/state or city/country; save the exact address for the invite). Make sure to include your last names somewhere, like on the envelope- “Melody and Abe are tying the knot!” so guests are not guessing which “Melody and Abe”.  You can also include the phrase “formal invitation to follow” or “invitation to follow”. Don’t forget to include your wedding website-if you’re going to create one, it’s best to launch it in time for the save-the-date.

Get Creative!

Our favorite part! Your save-the-dates can match the rest of your wedding stationery, or you can go totally left field and dream up something super creative. Have fun with fonts, prints, colors, and wording to set the tone of your wedding. Plus, the design will reveal a little something about the kind of couple you are! For example, announce an elegant soiree with an ornate script that matches the rest of your wedding stationery, or a bohemian celebration with a soft color palette or a prim nautical motif. Some fun ideas are to send out luggage tags to keep track of your wedding date and destination on their luggage or a garden wedding send a seed packet to watch love grow.  The ideas are endless.

Who do you send Save-The-Dates To?

Everyone on your “VIP” guest list-even your best friend who found out the second you got engaged-should receive a save-the-date. You may have a second list due to budget or venue restrictions, but would love to have at your wedding.  However, you can’t invite until regrets come in. If plus-ones and kids are invited, remember to specify “and guest” or “and family” when addressing save-the-dates. Address cards accordingly-and that means waiting until your guest list is set.


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