What To Wear To Your Engagement Photos?

Wedding Planning

Engagement photos are useful for many reasons, from the practical to the sentimental. You can incorporate your photos into your wedding website or your save-the-dates. You can even use the experience to get comfortable with your wedding photographer and practice posing together in front of the camera; or you could simply frame your favorite photo to showcase in your home for years to come.

Engagement photos have many potential uses, you should think carefully about how you and your partner will look for the shoot. There are a lot of things to consider when selecting your engagement photo outfits, especially since the options are quite endless: light or dark colors? Bold prints or classic solids? Casual, dressy, or themed? So, how do you pick outfits that you’ll love now and forever? By following the Winner Circle Event  tips on what to wear for your engagement photos, of course.

Be Sure Your Clothes Reflect Your Personality

Usually everyone wants to go all out for their engagement photos.  We disagree!  Remember your engagement photos are a reflection your and your fiancé’s personalities and your relationship as a couple.  If you and your fiancé  are big sports fans and enjoy watching football on a Sunday.  Then, don’t go all out and wear cocktail attire.  Instead, embrace the opportunity to do your engagement session at the AT&T Stadium (Cowboys Stadium) and rock your favorite jerseys. When you embrace who you are as a couple, photos turn out so much better because you’re comfortable, relaxed, and letting your unique selves shine.

Don’t Try to be Matchy-Matchy

We often see couples try to overmatch in their photos.  Just because you are wearing a black shirt doesn’t mean your fiancé  has to wear black too. When there’s too much of one hue in a shot, everything blends together and nothing stands out. You want your photos to pop and have a liveliness to them if you plan on loving them for a long, long time. Your best bet is to choose colors that complement each other, like blue and yellow or pink and white, but that don’t look overly staged. When in doubt, stick to neutrals or cool or pastel shades that layer harmoniously.

Don’t be afraid to go bold! We know this isn’t for everyone, but hey if you’re feeling it, go ahead and embrace bold prints and bright colors!  You will want the bold prints and bright colors in moderation, of course, such as through your choice of accessories.  It is amazing how easily you become the focus of the photo (rather than part of the landscape) when you’re wearing an eye-catching hue or pattern. But again, both partners shouldn’t go for bold patterns. Instead, while one of you rocks a print, the other should choose an article of clothing that pulls out a color from that print for effortless, but not obvious, coordination.

Consider the Location

If your engagement session is in the middle of the forrest, you would look out of place in a dress with stilettos.  For instance, if you are planning an Urban shoot try a more sophisticated look rather than something too casual or outdoorsy.  For a beach session, summery hues will stand out against the muted tones of sand and water, whereas neutrals could be drowned out. Steer clear of backgrounds that have a busy pattern since they will make you look like part of the hodgepodge landscape, rather than the star.

Remember, your engagement photos are your time to shine, to capture your newly engaged, head over heels, madly in love, pre-wedding bliss!  And between booking vendors, organizing your RSVPs, and managing your budget, planning can be a lot of work. Add in your normal day-to-day responsibilities, and it’s enough to make even the most organized to-be-weds stressed. Working with a wedding planner can take a huge weight off you and your partner, leaving you time to enjoy the process. So, be sure to reach out to Winner Circle Events to take you from start to finish and put your wedding or event in the winner circle!

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