10 Benefits of Choosing a Micro Wedding or Elopement

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There is a lot of doubt and a ton of uncertainty over wedding dates and, well, everything right now, especially with different safety measures required or suggested per state or county. It’s safe to say life will be different for quite some time.  Good news is there is a growing trend with micro wedding or elopements.  Which might be a super practical way to host a wedding in the year to come. But don’t be discouraged, there are plenty of other benefits, too! See our top 10 reasons for choosing a micro wedding or elopement, below:

1. More room in the budget. 

Guest count plays a huge role in your wedding budget—venues, catering, flowers, favors, stationery—all of it. However, you were dreaming of hiring a photographer that you had been following for months on Instagram but they were out of your budget.  Now, you could potentially hire that dream vendor.  Not to mention, invest in other wedding vendors musts—like having your dream gown, favorite photographer, a great planner, or tons of flowers—this is the way to make room.

2. Easier to manage a postponement. 

Well, we all wish we had a crystal ball to see what the future holds.  To see what weddings or events will look like in the future.  Unfortunately, we don’t!  So, a smaller guest list = an easier time navigating major surprises, such as a last-minute venue change or um… a pandemic.

3. Experience.

Are you worried you will miss out on some of the traditions if you choose a micro wedding or elopement?  If so, don’t!  You can still have a bridal party (maybe not ten of you besties), do your first dance, or do some the DIY’s.  So, don’t be afraid to go on Pinterest and start planning.  You can have the wedding or event you are dreaming of!

4. Timeline is much more manageable. 

There is less work to do, so this is a great opportunity to really soak up the engagement experience.  Another option too is to have a short engagement.

5. Want to Elope? But don’t want to disappoint family?  

Compromise! Invite immediately family and make it the adventure you dreamt about.  You can still keep it small with immediately family and closest friends.  Check out this photo for inspiration:

photo by adventure instead

Photo by: Adventure Instead.

6. A more personal experience.

A smaller wedding allows more time to connect with guests individually.  Giving guests a more personal experience. (Pretty cool!)



A micro wedding is a great way to get all the perks of a more traditional guest list, with a lot less pressure.  No expectations! It’s awesome! No comparisons to their cousin’s wedding or trying to keep up with the Jones.  It’s a wedding that is all you!

8. Location, Location, Location!

Do you want your ceremony at the beach where you proposed? Or perhaps having a smaller reception at your favorite restaurant?  Small groups can fit nearly anywhere!

9. Authenticity.

Do you hate being in the spotlight? Or do you get overwhelmed around lots of people easily? If so, a micro wedding might be your kind of event. A micro wedding probably feels more authentic—and a lot less intimidating.

10. Great for a destination event. 

Pick a destination and go! Micro weddings are a great way to create an awesome and affordable wedding experience with your closest family and friends. Do you have a favorite vacation place or somewhere you haven’t been before? This the perfect time to make it into a long weekend occasion with outdoor adventures and cultural outings. Explore a new place, or just hang out somewhere relaxing and have a good time celebrating with those closest to you.

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