How We’ve Updated Our Process to Work Remotely with Our Couples

Wedding Planning


Many of us have been working remotely for several months, while for others, this has been their norm for years. Ever-improving technology allows us this privilege, while just 10 years ago it would not have been as possible.

Although technological advances assist us in doing our jobs, perhaps more so at this challenging time, technology is no substitute for trust and won’t be in the future.  We get that at Winner Circle Events (WCE)!

We understand the importance of personal connection for one of the most important days of your life.  Trust us! We would much rather meet over coffee or pop a bottle of Vueve Clicquot to discuss your love story and how you envision your special day.  That’s why we have taken the time to update our process to work remotely with our clients.

First Meeting with WCE

We can still make our first meeting fun virtually.  If you are a culinary wizard and can whip fresh scones and make a latte at home, go for it! I’ll be jealous drinking tea and eating local scones from a bakery. haha! Or we could pop open a bottle Veuve Clicquot and toast to your engagement?

Let’s celebrate the engagement and hear about your love story and vision for your special day.  Are you ready to schedule your Zoom, Skype, or Facetime meeting?  Get in touch with Winner Circle Events via e-mail:

Yay! Your a WCE Client

This process hasn’t really changed much.  WCE still sends out a Welcome e-mail explaining our process going forward.  Also, we still use Aisle Planner which is a fantastic resource for WCE and the client.  Aisle Planner is your tool to use during the entire wedding planning process.  Trust us! You’ll love it!


We offer unlimited e-mails to all our couples, phone call and virtual meetings can be scheduled.

Venue Site Visits

Depending on the location of the venue, the date of your wedding, and the type of venue you booked: all will determine how site visits are done.  Don’t worry! Winner Circle Events is here with you every step of the way.  We will keep you in the loop of the process and how a site visit will be taking place.

Worst case scenario, we can do a Zoom meeting to go through details about the venue.  Also, if this is a venue that you are interested in booking but have never been on-sight, many venues offer virtual tours on-line or a private tour could possibly be made.

Cake Tasting / Catering

Cake tastings and catering meetings have not been done on location at many of the bakeries or kitchens.  We have seen bakeries provide instructions on how to do the cake tasting and provided a box of the different flavors.  Same goes for caterers, we have seen caterers provide a date night package to-go that included the protein, starch, vegetable, and appetizers the couple would’ve normally tried on location.

Usually, the planner attends these meetings.  However, we have left it up to the couple to either send us their feedback via e-mail or meet virtually.  Haha! We get it, we don’t want to be a third wheel on your date night. We just advise our clients to wait to respond to the bakery or caterer before we have sent back any suggestions or questions, that way you don’t have to make any adjustments after.

Another option, is a Zoom meeting with the Chef or Baker, the lead planner, and the couple to discuss the details of the cake and the catering menu.

Check-Ins and Meetings

Check-Ins will either be done virtually or via phone.  These meetings will be set up through Aisle Planner and an e-mail explaining the discussion points of the meeting.

Depending upon the location, date, and CDC guidelines during the expected meetings, will determine whether they will be in-person or virtual.

Need Help

If you prefer to meet virtually to discuss a specific detail, please do not hesitate to schedule a virtual meeting or phone meeting.  Or if you would prefer to receive information via e-mail, that also can be arranged.  We want the process to be as easy and convenient for you.  Let us know how we can best serve you!  We want to make sure you feel comfortable with the amount of communication, so please be up front about how you would prefer to communicate from the first meeting. That way we can put together the proper schedule of check-ins and meetings during your wedding planning process.  We want you to be excited to plan your wedding, not frustrated. So, let’s communicate, reserve your first meeting, and get your wedding in the Winner Circle!










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