What’s Hot & What’s Not-So Hot for Weddings in 2023!


Unfortunately, not all trends are timeless! Haha! Have you checked out your parents or grand-parents wedding albums lately? Sorry, the puff sleeves in the 1980’s or the sun hats for Bridesmaids in the 1970’s are not making a come back. The trend cycle naturally changes and every generation invests in the special day details that unfortunately don’t stand the test of time. That’s why I am sharing the latest trends.

What trends made the hot list for 2023?

  1. Smaller Wedding Parties. Couples are moving away from the large wedding party and now focusing on a smaller wedding party. It can be a lot of work to manage so many friends and personalities, so keeping your wedding party small will make your wedding day less stressful and more fun.
  2. Cocktail Hour Experiences. Start the celebration on a high note. The cocktail hour is a great time for guests to mingle and sip on beautiful concoctions. This portion of the wedding is all about the guests since you and your spouse and wedding party will be busy taking photos. All the more reason to make sure that this time is full of creative mocktails or cocktails, treats, and activities. While food and drinks are obviously the highlight during cocktail hour, decor and the presentation are just as important. We love dressing up cocktail hour with the little touches that represent each couple. Not to mention, creating the Wow-Factor with the escort or seating chart for guests.
  3. Live Art. From an artist painting a scene from the wedding during cocktail hour, a live caricature artist, or a tattoo artist doing small tattoos. All live art options are great for guests to experience during cocktail hour.
  4. Live Music. From the emotional ceremony to the big day dinner, the music at your wedding reception is what guests will remember most. Truly, there is nothing like a live band that will get a crowd excited and create a sense of sophistication. A good bandleader will play the master of ceremonies at your reception, interacting with folks on the dance floor, paying attention to the “feel” of the room and selecting music accordingly.
  5. Unique Dance Floors. Make your first dance really pop with unique dance floors. For instance, rental dance floors come in a range of materials (like wood and sheet vinyl) and a variety of colors. You can also have custom crests or monograms and patterns printed as decals or painted onto whatever base you’re working with. Alternatively, you can select a reception venue with a cool, existing dancing floor. Or, you can scout locations until you find a venue with a space (like an outdoor patio or pool. Yep, you can build a platform over the pool to transformed into a dance floor. Finally, you can focus less on what’s below and more on what’s overhead. Festive lights, signs, and/or floral installations, for example, can draw attention to your designated dance floor. 
  6. Destination Weddings or Multi-Day Events. Nothing compares to the experience of a destination wedding, especially if you and your partner have a love for adventure. Who needs an excuse to travel to some where exotic or to an activity filled destination for several days of fun with friends and family. Um, everyone! Especially, now that travel is starting to open back up and large weddings are back! Some of the popular destinations we are seeing for 2023 and 2024 are Ireland, France, Italy, Portugal and Mexico.
  7. Statement Florals. Couples will be flowering their events from floor to ceiling. Ceremonies will have floral arches or alters covered in florals. Receptions will have florals that will transform the space into an experience.
  8. Formal Weddings. Gone are the years of backyard or mini weddings, everyone is ready to get dressed up! Formal weddings are back. Attire is either cocktail or formal attire.
  9. Last Dance. Take to the dance floor and enjoy your private moment together. It’s a chance to connect and be present with each other, which you’ll both treasure forever.
  10. Outdoor Weddings. Outdoor venues or venues with the indoor/outdoor option are still popular. Also, outdoor weddings are giving a rise to tents. There are so many options for tents. For instance, glass tents, framed structures, or pole tents. Want a romantic vibe? Decorate the tent with florals. The downfall with tents is the cost. So, if you like the idea of a tent try to find a venue that already has an existing marquee on the property. Or choose an outdoor venue because of the beautiful gardens, beach, mountains, or parks for your ceremony and reception.

What trends are not-so hot?

  1. Favors. Many couples are opting out of purchasing wedding favors for their guests. Couples are either donating to their favorite charities or using the money they would’ve used for purchasing wedding favors towards an experience during cocktail and/or the reception.
  2. Traditions Are Changing. Many of the wedding traditions are outdated. Majority of the weddings we did in 2022 did not do the bouquet toss, garter toss, traditional vows, or gender-specific wedding parties. It’s your day so do it your way! We are here to support what ever traditions you would like to keep or change.
  3. Wedding Hashtags. Can you believe that wedding posts are out and it’s all about the stories? Plus, story hashtags disappear after 24 hours. So, be in the moment at your wedding and let the pros capture the special day.
  4. Uniform Bridesmaids Dresses. Love that couples are offering fashion autonomy for their wedding party attire. Couples are giving their wedding party the option of on-palette dresses or custom / individualized outfits. Most importantly, giving them a theme or direction so they can choose the attire that best fits their body type. The result, a wedding party that feels beautiful, confident, and involved in the decision.
  5. Fireworks. Couples are looking for alternatives that are safer for guests and the environment. Most importantly saving on the cost of the fireworks. They are really expensive.
  6. Ceremony “Flower Men”. Everyone has seen the reels and tik-toks with the man that walks down the aisle throwing petals or beers to guests. This was a fad and has run it’s course. Don’t think we will see this going forward.
  7. Cake Cutting Ceremonies. Many couples are opting to have the cake cutting to be a private moment with photos only. It’s still special but less of a spectacle.
  8. Standard Guests Books. Yes, a traditional guest book with a lined ledger is a great option. But there are plenty of playful choices such as using game pieces, polaroid pictures, repurposing a cherished book, or even using a piece of sports equipment. Otherwise, the audio guest books are what’s popular for 2023.
  9. Standard Photo Booths. Step outside the box and move away from the standard photo booths There are so many options for wedding photo booths. For example, Gif Photo booths, Slow-motion video booths, booth-less photo booths, flip-book or hand drawn, or our favorite creative set photo booths.
  10. Beauty For Brides Only. More and more we are seeing the guys requesting grooming or make-up. It’s not just for the Brides or ladies. Grooms and the guys in the wedding party can appreciate grooming services pre-wedding too.

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