Our favorite ways to tell your story with a wedding theme

Wedding Reception

Your wedding is about you and your spouse-to-be! It’s easy to lose sight of this important central theme in the midst of cake tasting, dress shopping, and flower consultations — but it’s obviously crucial to your special day! Then, you should probably include bits and pieces of you and your loves’ interests, personalities, and love story into the design of your big day? Right?! After all, anyone can throw a wedding, but your history is one-of-a-kind, and it’s certainly worth telling on your big day.

From the blue and the California gold colors on the socks being worn by the Groom and Groomsmen as a nod to the college that the Groom graduated from to photo displays of family and friends that double as escort cards, these details are how we inject moments of your personality into your wedding design. Also, we love to include a broad range of ceremony and reception related accents. For instance, seating cards, ceremony backdrops, favors and even our favorite –desserts! We help you choose where and when to make this kind of statement.

Not sure what personal moment you will decide to include? Don’t worry, we are here to help guide you so these details will all work to help make your big day feel a little bit more like you. Whether you’re looking for a way to show off your new last name, share a few personal or funny relationship facts with guests, or make your vows even more affective, Winner Circle Events is here to help you with the details so the most formal of weddings feel intimate. 

Here are a few samples of how we helped our WCE couples personalize their weddings:

Personalized Place Settings

Personalized place settings were created by printing guests’ names and adding a seal that was designed for the invitations.

Pay Homage to Your Pets

The bar sign with sketches of the couples pets paired well with the overall design.


Whether you choose to write your own vows or not, write your promises down in a personalized notebook. This couple opted for vintage-inspired ones that they can cherish for years to come.

Silent Disco

In search of a one-of-a-kind experience guests won’t soon forget? A silent disco is the way to go. It’s a deeply personal and fun way to dance away the evening.

Menu Signage

Alert guests to all of the unique food stations available at your reception or cocktail hour with custom signage. Also, a welcome sign that doubles as a timeline for guests.

Place Cards

This couple used personalized place cards that reflected their overarching color palette to mark each guest’s spot at the table.

Welcome Sign

A personalized welcome sign with the couple’s crest greeted guests as they entered the wedding.

Monogrammed Hangers

Make getting ready with your favorite girls, one of the most personal hours of the day, even more special by gifting each woman a dress hangers inscribed with their names and your wedding date. They also double as special keepsakes that they’ll actually use.

PInetop, AZ Wedding

In Memoriam

Not having a beloved family member with you on one of the biggest days of your life feels impossible. To honor their memory, consider tucking note cards into guests’ napkins, asking them to take a private moment to think of that loved one. Including their favorite flower or herb is another added personal touch that will help you and everyone else feel their presence.

PInetop, AZ Wedding

Last Name Lettering

Dress up your reception or bar area by spelling out your new last name. It’s a small but splashy way to make your event d├ęcor feel more like you and is sure to be one of the most-Instagrammed elements of the evening.

Favorite Quote Sign

Is there a phrase that you and your now-spouse use on the regular? If he follows up your “I love you” with “Love you more,” consider incorporating his response into your wedding signage. 

Family Photo Wall

Connect your big day to the past weddings of your family members by setting up a shelved photo display. 

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